About us

The Institute of Theoretical Physics is the oldest one in the Department of Physics, its first head was Lorand Eötvös. The basic structure of our present teaching and research activity was formed when Rudolf Ortvay  and Károly Novobátzky were in the chair. Since 1960 the  Institute lives in close symbiosis with the Research Group for Theoretical Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences , resulting in several joint research projects.

Our Institute has a unique computing facility: 350 PC-s are connected together to form "Poor Man's Supercomputer" which is used extremely succesfully in large scale QCD simulations. Also, in spite of being an Institute of Theoretical Physics, we actively take part in the running of the von Kármán  Laboratory of the Department devoted to studies in fluid dynamics.



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Institute of Theoretical Physics, Eötvös Loránd University