Seminars, Colloquia (in Hungarian)

Ortvay Kollokvium
ELFT Részecskefizikai Szeminárium
Bolyai Kollégium Fizikai Szakszeminárium

Journals: General Science

New Scientist
Physics World
Scientific American

In Hungarian:

Origó: Tudomány rovat
Index: Tech-Tudomány rovat
Fizikai Szemle

Institutes, Laboratories

All about CERN
Solid State Physics Laboratory, Tech. Univ. Budapest

In Hungarian:

ELTE Kármán Labor

Useful Reading on the Net

Usenet Physics FAQ
Open Questions in Physics
Lost Causes in Theoretical Physics - Learn how Everything Works!

Cosmology, Astrophysics

Cosmology Tutorial, FAQ, Fads and Fallacies
Curious About Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer
Online Encyclopedia - Cosmology
Redshift Distance Calculator
ELTE Csillagászati Tsz.: Interaktív Csillagászati Portál (in Hungarian)

Special and General Relativity

Introduction to Special Relativity
GRTensor: computer algebra package for general relativity
Living Reviews in Relativity
Reflections on Relativity
The Confrontation Between General Relativity and Experiment
The Sagnac Effect

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics Info Page
The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

Particle physics, quantum field theory

Fusion Energy Education Site
The Particle Adventure
The Ultimate Neutrino Page


The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy