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Christmas seminar

December 20, 2016.

This year, our traditional Christmas Statistical Physics Seminar will be held on December 29th, with a Program that can be seen here.

Post-doctoral excellence grant for Tímea Haszpra

July 26, 2016.

In the framework of the post-doctoral excellence grant programme of the National Research Development and Innovation Office (NKFIH) the proposal of Tímea Haszpra has been granted for the three years starting in October.

János Bolyai Research Scholarship for Tímea Haszpra

July 6, 2016.

For her proposal titled "The impact of climate change on the dispersion of atmospheric pollutants -- a physical approach" Tímea Haszpra has been awarded the János Bolyai Research Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The researcher will study the change in the characteristics of large-scale atmospheric dispersion processes in the context of a changing climate using a Lagrangian dispersion model.


July 5, 2016.

Professor Károly Nagy passed away on 4 July at the age of 89. Nagy was a full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and his many honours included the prestigious Széchenyi prize. He had been the head of our research group for over three decades (between 1968 and 1999), and he created the free and productive atmosphere that uniquely characterized our group even in harder times. After his retirement he kept following the development of the research group with caring thoughtfulness. We bid farewell and will not forget him.

Zsigmond Róna Fund Prize for Tímea Haszpra

May 24, 2016.

For her scientific activity, in 2016 Tímea Haszpra has been awarded the early-stage meteorologist prize of the Hungarian Meteorological Society’s Zsigmond Róna Fund.

Research scholarship for Mátyás Herein to Hamburg

April 20, 2016.

Mátyás Herein has been awarded a one-semester research scholarship of the Hamburg University's Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability. Under the supervision of professor Valerio Lucarini Herein will analyze a new statistical approach to climate dynamics. Details here.

Tamás Tél receives Széchenyi Prize

March 15, 2016.

Professor Tamás Tél, the head of our research group has received the Széchenyi prize for his achievements in the fields of non-equilibrium statistical physics, chaos theory, environmental fluid dynamics and its applications, as well as establishing a new school of thought in Hungarian physics teacher training and his active participation in academic affairs.

New EuHIT grant

February 15, 2016.

In the 10th call of the European High Performance Infrastructures in Turbulence (EuHIT) programme the research proposal "Wind-stress resonances and deep ocean energy transfer" co-authored by Miklós Vincze has been accepted. The EuHIT funding enables the researchers to conduct measurement campaigns using Europe's largest rotating tank for fluid dynamics experiments, the LEGI Coriolis Platform in Grenoble, France. Details here.

Christmas seminar

December 18, 2015.

This year, our traditional Christmas Statistical Physics Seminar will be held on December 29th, with a Program that can be seen here.

Lise Meitner post-doctoral fellowship for Viktor Eisler

September 1, 2015.

Viktor Eisler has won a post-doctoral fellowship in the framework of the Lisa Meitner Programme of the Austrian Science Fund. Eisler will conduct research on the stationary states of far-from-equilibrium quantum systems and their characteristic correlations at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Graz. During his visiting research, he will be on temporary leave of absence from our research group.

EuHIT grant for Miklós Vincze

July 9, 2015.

In the 7th call of the European High Performance Infrastructures in Turbulence (EuHIT) programme, the proposal of Miklos Vincze titled "Extremes in a changing climate - a laboratory approach" has been granted. The EuHIT funds enable the researcher to conduct measurement campaigns at various well-equipped European experimental facilities of fluid dynamics research. Details here.

Environmental protection prize for Miklós Vincze

June 11, 2015.

For his results in the refinement of weather forecast and climate prediction models, Miklós Vincze has been awarded the Young Scientists' Award for Environmental Protection of the HAS. Utilizing a relatively simple experimental set-up, Vincze conducted laboratory measurements based on which operational prediction algorithms could be tested and validated.

Distinguished guest scientist fellowship for Prof. Ulrike Feudel

May 29, 2015.

In the fourth call of the Distinguished Guest Scientist Fellowship Programme of the HAS, professor Ulrike Feudel of the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg has won a three-month visiting research fellowship to our research group. Feudel will be studying the transitions of dynamical systems with continuous parameter changes in Budapest, from July 22 to October 22, 2015. Her research aims to extend the classic theory of dynamical systems to those exhibiting arbitrary time-dependence, thus contributing to the prediction of unexpected changes in the climate system.

Zoltán Rácz receives Széchenyi Prize

March 15, 2015.

Zoltán Rácz research professor has received the Széchenyi prize for his internationally recognised outstanding research in the area of statistical description of far-from-equilibrium phenomena, and for his exceptional educational work.

Christmas seminar

December 29, 2014.

Our traditional annual "Convivial Seminar on Statistical Physics" has been organized again.


Viktor Eisler (HAS-ELTE): Entanglement negativity far from equilibrium
Gábor Halász (Oxford U.): On the observation of topological disorder using a simplified entanglement measure
János Asbóth (HAS Wigner RC): Topologically protected states - from quantum Hall effect to quantum walks
Balázs Meszéne (Leiden U.): Field theory of quantum critical fermions
Tímea Haszpra (HAS-ELTE): Topological entropy - A Lagrangian measure of the free atmosphere
Miklos Vincze (HAS-ELTE and Brandenburg Technical U.): Self-sustaining pancake vortices and internal waves in stratified fluids
Tamás Bódai (Hamburg U.): On the predictability of heavy-tailed extremes
Gergely Ódor (MTI): The mapping of brain networks at MTI, and their modelling in Budapest
Miklós Rácz (UC Berkeley): From trees to seeds - On the inference of the seed from large random trees

Environmental protection prize for Tímea Haszpra

June 11, 2014.

For her research on drifting pollutants in the atmosphere Tímea Haszpra has been awarded the Young Scientists' Award for Environmental Protection of the HAS. Using a novel, self-developed approach, Haszpra analysed the spread of aerosol tracers with a special emphasis on the atmospheric propagation of ash particles from volcano eruptions.

HAS post-doctoral fellowship for Miklós Vincze

April 3, 2014.

In the framework of the Post-doctoral Fellowship Programme of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Miklós Vincze has received a two-year fellowship to our research group in the topic "Laboratory modelling of environmental and climate dynamical processes".

Agocs prize for Mátyás Herein

March 15, 2014.

Mátyás Herein has won the Agocs prize of the William B. & Elizabeth Agocs Geophysical Research Fund (Lehigh Valley Community Foundation, USA) for his PhD thesis, entitled "Impact of the geometry and the endothermic phase transition on the thermal mantle convection".

Zoltán Bajnok and Gábor Takács Gain Momentum

May 31, 2012.

Two members of our research group have been announced among the winners of the 2012 Momentum ('Lendület') Program of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Zoltán Bajnok will establish a new Momentum research team dedicated to "Holographic quantum field theory and gauge/gravity duality" at the HAS Wigner Research Centre for Physics, whereas the team of Gábor Takács focusing on "Statistical field theory of condensed matter" will be established at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.